Tushbhandar Nasar Uddin Govt. Girls High School


With very happy and delightfully, I would like to say that Kaligonj Karim Uddin Public Pilot High School is going to open a website which will be helped to communicate not only the student but also the guardian and the authority of the school.I think, this programme will bring out a new era of this school as our government has taken a significant project to make our country ‘Digital Bangladesh’. I hope this system will help our student, teachers, local people and above all the guardians of the students by exchanging our thoughts, feelings, daily affairs and all sort of activities done by the school. To communicate with the concerned authority in hand shortly, its significance can’t be described in a world. Last of all, I like to add that, opening a website in our school will help to bring peace, happiness and comfort to keep pace with the new world through information technology, education and research. So I pray to Almighty creator from the core of my heart for every success of our school and concerned all.